We want our facility to be a blessing to others and build the Kingdom of Christ. If you would like to request using it for your event, please download the Facility Use Request Form on the left and submit it to the church office at If you have questions about it, please feel free to let us know.
Need reimbursement for a purchase you made for the church? Click here to download the voucher you need. After you fill it out, attach your receipt. Have the chairperson (or appropriate person) of your commission sign it or put it in their box in the church office.

Our Library and Resource Center is available for everyone. We want to provide you with access to books, DVD’s and other resources that are Biblically based and for all ages. We are open on Sunday mornings and during regular office hours, Tue – Fri, 10-2. You are welcome to come in, browse and “self check out” a book, CD, DVD or magazine of your choice. To search available material, once you open the list, click on “edit” tab and select “find and replace”.

Our building has a great layout for youth group games. It has many rooms and can seem like a maze. The kids love this but sometimes people would like to know where things are. To help those who would like to see where all the rooms are at, we have a facility layout map.