Dear Bible Fellowship Church,
We are excited to invite you to join us in person at the church building at 1212 E. Fairmont Blvd to worship together this Sunday, May 3rd!  The elders have decided this Sunday is the day we should once again assemble in person!  We look forward to seeing you and hope you will feel ready to join us!
With that said, we understand the uncertainty of this moment.  We recognize not everyone is ready to move back into gathering spaces.  So first, we want to remove any notion or stigma that suggests obligation for attending.  No one is expected to come but all are welcome!  However, if you are feeling sick, at risk or otherwise uncertain about attending we would ask that you consider staying home and continue to join us online.
The Zoom Coffee and Donuts will still be available and we will continue to stream the service online through our YouTube channel.  You can join us on Zoom by clicking here. And you can access our YouTube channel by clicking here.
We want everyone to come back and worship with us in person, but we want you to do so when you and your family feel ready.  As we have been anticipating this day we have been disinfecting and cleaning spaces so that you can feel safe about the cleanliness of the building.  We will also be limiting the activities of our church service to limit the occasion for spread.  
What that means specifically is there will be no Nursery, or Sunday School, or Children’s Church.  In fact, there will be no childcare of any kind.  Also, we are asking that everyone makes the effort to maintain physical distance and to that end we would ask families who attend to stay together and sit as family groups.  We recognize the hardship this might create for mothers (and parents generally).  So again, there is no expectation for anyone to attend.  Rather, we see this as the first and crucial step toward our new normal and are excited to begin the process of gathering together again.
We understand this is not quite what we are all accustomed to nor is it ideal.  Therefore, we appreciate all of your gracious patience as we work to bring our community back together.  Please continue lifting us up in prayer as we endeavor to keep you informed and encouraged.  Please continue calling loved ones and friends as you have opportunity.  Please continue to place your hope in the love and faithfulness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Thank you for all the ways that you have been the church and served this body in the last few weeks.  It has been a blessing to be part of this body.  You have been living up to your name and it shows!  We look forward to seeing you soon.
In Christ,
On behalf of the elders,
Important Church Update from the Elders
& Video from Pastor Jon! 
Bible Fellowship Church,
We miss you!  We are praying that all is well, that you are healthy and full.  It is Holy Week and today is Maundy Thursday.  Maundy Thursday commemorates the night before Jesus’ crucifixion when He washed the feet of His disciples and shared the last supper with them.  At a traditional Maundy Thursday service participants take communion and wash each others’ feet.
While reflecting on the significance and intent of Maundy Thursday, Karen and I remembered all the ways that you, Bible Fellowship, have stepped up to the challenge of being the church and caring for one another even while separated.  Meals have been prepared and provided for those that needed them.  Many have shared resources with others near them or in need.  Prayers have been spoken over those affected by the situation.  You have been washing the feet of this body and our community all the while.  Thank you!!! We are blessed by you!!!
In the coming weeks we are hopeful that we will once again be able to meet together, though when that will happen is still uncertain.  At this time we encourage you to join us again this week online.  Our Good Friday service will be live-streamed tomorrow at 6pm.  On Sunday our Easter service will be live-streamed at 9:45am.  You can join either service by clicking here.
If you haven’t already done so, please consider joining a Zoom Group for Sunday at 9:15am.  I was personally refreshed to join a few of you and hear several prayer requests.  Get connected by emailing Meghan Shagla at and letting her know you would like to be added to a Zoom group.  Please do so before 5pm on Saturday and include both your phone number and email address.
We’d love for you to consider church as more than just additional screen time.  In fact, we would love to hear of ways you have been able to make church at your house less about the screen and more about those near you.
As we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection this Sunday even though from a distance, we would encourage you to do so in ways that make the day significantly different than other days.  Here’s a few ideas which you can maybe implement:
Send all pictures to  Thanks!!!
Finally, we are trying to put together a prayer chain via phone.  If you would like to be added please let Meghan Shagla know by emailing her at  Whether or not you are added to a prayer chain we would encourage each of you to pick up your brand new directory and find a few people there you can call.  We are physically distant, but we can still be connected in tangibly social ways!  Live up to your Name, Bible Fellowship!!!
We miss and love you and continually pray God’s blessings for you!!!
He is Risen!!!!  Just as He said!!!
The Elders
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Online Services March 29 & April 5th 

Dear Bible Fellowship Church family,


We want to give you an update on where things stand.  We are still committed to being together again as soon as possible, but that looks to be farther out than any of us are wanting to concede.  Therefore, we’re just going to focus on the next two weeks. So, for March 29 and April 5 we will continue to ‘gather’ online to participate in the worship service. You can do so by clicking here.


This is perhaps the most troubling piece.  Because of the prolonged nature of our circumstances we encourage you to consider the online service as our time and your family’s time to assemble.  So, please sing with us and have your Bible handy so you can read along with us. Perhaps most importantly, have your family with you. If it is at all possible, do not worship in isolation, but rather gather as you are able.


This last week I’ve had the privilege of participating in some of our daughter’s homeschooling.  We’ve been doing songs with the kids. Sometimes it’s not very good. Maybe they don’t like one of the songs or daddy doesn’t know how it’s supposed to go.  But each time we’ve enjoyed the time spent together. Sing with your family, even if singing isn’t your gift. The time with them is the gift.


I’m praying that every Sunday this situation lingers you would let Bible Fellowship Church invade your space because we can’t let you invade ours.  And I’m praying that it is a disruption. That it disrupts everything else going on in the house.

On that note here is a video with some thoughts about our situation.

We can’t gather like we’re used to, but we have to gather inasmuch as we can. We love you and we miss you!


In Christ,

Jon on behalf of the elders

Dear Bible Fellowship Church,


As elders, we are sad to inform you that we will not gather at the church building this Sunday or next Sunday (March 22 & 29). In light of the spread of COVID-19 and the president’s request to limit gatherings to 10 people, we will not meet for the next 15 days.   


We have concluded that it is in our best interest to comply with these recommendations. In lieu of a physical meeting, we will have an online service available via live stream You can access the service on Sunday at 9:45am by clicking here.


However, we see these measures as a temporary compromise. We are making the most out of a bad situation. Online services cannot be a viable long-term substitute for a physical gathering of believers. Gathering together in one physical location is absolutely fundamental to who we are and what we are called to do. Listening to a sermon online is not an adequate replacement for worshiping together as God’s people.    


We are committed to resuming normal gatherings as soon as possible.  We believe the church is called to assemble physically, and not just digitally.  In the meantime, we ask that you would pray for our country, our leaders, the sick, and for our church family.  Pray that this virus is stopped. Pray for hospitals and medical staff. Pray for our nation’s economy.    


We want to serve you in whatever way possible.  This is our primary calling as elders. If you have any need, do not hesitate to call.   



We would also encourage you to connect with other believers.  Show hospitality. Be kind to your neighbors. Give a friend a call.  We want to live up to our name and be Bible Fellowship Church:


Acts 2:42-47


They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles.  All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.  And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.
May you experience God’s blessing during these weeks apart and may we be reminded of the value of our time together as the church.  We are praying for you; please pray for us.


In Christ,
The Elders