Lead Pastor
Daniel Fiester
Daniel and his family started leading our church in 2016. He teaches expositionally while being practical. He wrestles with Scripture and wrestles with gators. He also loves watching the Huskers beat the Gators.
Associate Pastor 
Jon Fiester
Jon and his family started serving on staff in 2014. He leads the youth group and is a guru of many things, like writing these great bios and drinking Mountain Dew. Yes, he is the better looking Fiester brother.
Meghan Shagla
Meghan is the newest member of the team and we are not sure how we survived without her. Not only does she do all the secretary stuff, she also holds everything together and makes us look good. She is a rock star.
Nursery Coordinator
Sharleen Schreter
Sharleen runs the best nursery ever! Her love of children permeates every aspect of it. She makes parents feel at ease when they drop their kids off. It makes me wish that I was at the age to play in there.
John Kung
John is the guy who keeps the building running so to speak. When I break things, he fixes them (Please don’t tell him I was the one who broke it). He gladly does all the non- glory jobs with a smile.
Pat Kung
Pat is the one you want balancing your books. If you look up “detailed” in the dictionary, you will see where this picture came from.  She once made me go back to Pizza Hut because I lost a receipt. Lesson learned.
Our Team of Elders
They do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes and are pretty great at eating pizza.
Kevin Kinney
John Kung
Alex Drewitz